BlizzardCS Hearthstone Beta Key Giveaway

BlizzardCS on Facebook is having a Hearthstone beta key giveaway throughout the month!

Do you like BlizzardCS on facebook?  I’m here to inform you that they have 1000 Hearthstone beta keys up for giveaway throughout this month.  Head over to facebook, give BlizzardCS a like, and keep your eyes on their page for any announcements.  If you do play Blizzard games, this page isn’t that bad to have posting on your newsfeed.  Sometimes, it’s nice to be kept up to date on the games you are playing.

Alright, let’s get this party started here – Firstly, we have 1,000 keys to giveaway, and we’ll be distributing those over the course of the month from today through Oct. 4th. Each day, we’re going to announce when a small batch is made available, and the first group of folks who request the batch (through private message!!) will be given a key.

Now, we also have bigger batches that are going to be distributed when we hit our ‘like’ milestones, and the sweet news is we’ve already blown past the first one at 30K, so today we’re going to knock out a big chunk.

Now, we understand that not everyone is on the same schedule and many of you who want the keys maybe can’t view the page right now, so we’ll be breaking up these announcements throughout different times throughout the coming days. For now though, we’re going to get this started with a bang…

…so the first 100 ppl to privately message us right now, who have ‘liked’ the page will receive a key. 

Good luck adventurers! Remember, this is just the first batch – we’ll do another one later in the day.

The first 100 beta keys did just go out, but – as you can see – later in the day they’ll be giving away more.  Why are you still here?  Get on facebook and like their page!!