CM Zeriyah Answers Questions About The Hearthstone Open Beta

The Hearthstone Open Beta… Where is it already?

There have been a lot of questions regarding the Hearthstone open beta, particularly when it will happen and why it hasn’t happened already. Since the public beta has begun those participating haven’t been restricted by an NDA and have been able to stream and talk about the game publicly. This alone, is unusual for games in closed beta and have led people to wonder if Blizzard isn’t just holding out on the Hearthstone Open Beta.

Now, with Blizzard halting fansite giveaways for a bit, a member of the HearthPwn forum decided to ask about the possibility of getting open beta in the next week or two. Like many people, they are tired of waiting and ready for everyone to get into the game and get going. However, according to CM Zeriyah, we won’t be seeing the Hearthstone open beta that soon.

Zeriyah popped into the thread on multiple occasions to answer questions about what we can expect in regard to the Hearthstone beta and had this to say:

We totally understand that the community wants open beta, but the simple truth of the matter is that the game isn’t quite ready for it yet. As you may have read in an earlier blog, we anticipated that we’re going to have to rebalance some cards based on feedback in the closed beta, and that’s certainly true. We still have the wipe ahead of us as well. So, there will still be some time between now and open beta.

Open beta will happen once we are ready for it so we can ensure the transition between closed to open beta will go as smoothly as possible for everyone.

But, what about those who think Blizzard is just holding the game back despite not needing to? It is true that this beta has functioned a bit differently with there not being an NDA to speak of. And, several people, including myself have said that the game feels more polished than any game in closed beta previously. However, while it may seem on the surface that the game is ready for an open beta run Blizzard doesn’t think so.

Within the same HearthPwn thread another community member stated that he felt that Blizzard could certainly do an open beta and that they are choosing not to for their own nefarious purposes. Zeriyah replied to his concerns as well stating the following:

Are we capable of open beta? Capable isn’t quite the word that is appropriate here. Are we ready for the open beta right now? The answer to that question is no. We have balance changes and other features to implement before going into open beta, as well as other things on the back end to ensure a smooth transition between beta phases.

It doesn’t make a lot of sense to assume that we are not releasing open beta simply because we don’t want to. We want to! And we will, when it is ready – When we are happy with balance, when we are happy with features and functionality, when the bugs have been shooed off and the medals have ample place to be hung.

So, for now, it seems we still have a bit of a wait before the Hearthstone open beta will hit. I know… I know… But… All of that said, it could land sooner than many of us are thinking it will. Zeriyah has given us the list of what they’re needing to get done before it happens. And they have more than a few things they’re looking at getting just right.

Thanks to Petersen for the tip.